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Silent Auction Basket Ideas

Grouping donated auction items into a Silent Auction Basket provides an easy way to use smaller donated items and increases the overall number of auctionable items.

By grouping smaller auction items by a theme and presenting them in a gift style presentation, a silent auction basket with cellophane wrapping you can turn the grouped items into a higher value gift. Presentation of the silent auction basket is important, make sure that you present the silent auction basket in a way that people would be pleased to give and receive it.

Silent auction baskets can help increase the number of donations, for some organizations where there are a lot of people it is easier to get smaller donations e.g. in a school, see if a class could put together a silent auction basket. The equivalent of one basket per class could add up to a substantial amount of auction items. Or a shop may be able to provide a number of smaller items that you can group together to provide a great gift, who wouldn’t want a selection of different chocolate items, or pamper items.

Auction Basket Ideas
Event Ticket auction basket Movie Night auction basket
Wine / Wine Tasting auction basket Coffee/Tea Drinkers auction basket
His / Hers Pamper auction basket Cooking/Cuisine/Baking auction basket
Football / Golf auction basket Garden/Gardening auction basket
Kids Current Craze auction basket Kids Book basket
Kids Lego / Toys auction basket Kids Sports auction auction basket

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