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If you are running the software with a valid license then it's information will be displayed in the middle of the Navigation bar.

  • LiveAndSilent Edition e.g. "Standard"
  • Version e.g. "V1"
  • your user name

There are two places you can enter a license either:

  • if you haven't previously installed a license the software will prompt that it is running on a trial license, select "Enter License Key"
  • if you have continued on the trial or have previously entered a license key you can select "Enter License" under the "License" menu options

license entry

Please Enter all three fields:
  • User Name:
  • Email:
  • License Key:

Note that your license key is issued for a username and email combination. You need to use the exact name, email combination provided for the license key. To reduce copying errors, it is best to use copy and paste for each individual field license key field

Highlight each field in-turn from your license email then use Ctrl-C (Control Button and "C") for copy, select the field on the license form with you mouse and use Ctrl-V (Control Button and "V") for paste.

If you are waiting for a permanent license it is sent to the email address that was used during the purchase.

If you haven't received the permanent key at least 24 hours before the temporary expires please check your spam box/filters

For any license issues please email