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Silent Auction Rules

Suggested Rules for a Silent Auction

The reason to advertising your Silent Auction Rules is to help the event to run smoothly, especially for people who may not have attended a silent auction before.

Here are a suggested group of Silent Auction Rules:

Auction Rules

 We hope you have fun at our Silent Auction; here are a few recommendations to help the auction run smoothly:
  • When bidding for an item, please write both you name and contact details onto the bid-sheet.
        --or-- When bidding for an item, please write your paddle number onto the bid-sheet, and optionally you name.
  • Please do not remove the bid-sheets from their location with the auction items.
  • Make sure the amount you bid is greater than the last bid by at least the minimum raise value.
  • To avoid disappointing other bidders, please do not remove your bid once it hase been made
  • To avoid confusion, please do not cross out bids, if you need to change the contact details please ask an attendant.
  • Please pay the full amount for the auction items within 1 week of the auction date, you can pay by
        -- state your own payment options and who they should pay to.


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