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Tips on Creating your Silent Auction Forms / Templates

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Silent Auction Bid Sheet / Auction Template Fields

These are a suggested list of silent auction bid sheet fields. Not all the fields are necessarily for every auction item, e.g. a donor may want to keep anonymous, or if there is no tax requirement you don't have to provide a value for the item. Make sure if you are using software that generates the silent auction forms from auction templates, that blank fields are handled correctly so it all looks neat.

Bid Sheet Field Description Silent Auction Bid Sheet Example
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Your Banner Charity Logo, Organization Name and the Cause Silent Auction Bid Sheet Example
Id /
Catalog Id
If you have already sent out an Auction Catalog or Brochure use the same Identifier, if not give a unique Id to each item. This helps to resolve which item people are referring too, for example you may be auctioning more than one restaurant meal.
Donor Donor Information - As part of your pitch to get donations you should highlight that their names will feature prominently on Catalogs and Silent Auction Forms.
Item Name A short memorable description.
Item Description This is the place to really sell the auction item to maximise your possible proceeds. You may also want/need to add a bit more information about the donor.
Value This should be the agreed donation value of the auction item. This can be important for tax purposes and also to lets your attendees know the valuation.
Minimum Bid The minimum acceptable bid for the auction item. The field isn't necessary on the silent auction forms if you are going to pre fill the first entry slot.
Maximum Bid The amount each bid must above the previous bid, again this isn't necessary on the silent auction forms if you intend pre-filling all the bid field entries
Number Available If you have multiple copies of the same item make it clear that the top "n" bidders will win.

Your preference may be to have all the bid field entries prefilled, so that attendees just need to add their contact details. It is also useful to print out another copy of all the auction forms without any prefilled entries. These additional bid sheets can then be used if the bidding goes much higher than expected, or if there is an issue on the first bid sheet; the last valid bid can be moved onto the new bid sheet and your attendees can continue.

Silent Auction Bid Sheets / Auction Templates - Styles

Here are some different styles of silent auction bid sheets, use color and where possible add images for your auction items. If you are using software or generating from silent auction templates make sure that it lays neatly out both with and without images, you are unlikely to be able to get images for every item, but when you do they add impact to the auction forms.

Simple Bid Sheet (Click to Enlarge) Formal Bid Sheet (Click to Enlarge) Bordered Bid Sheet (Click to Enlarge)
A Simple form, with equal emphasis A formal form, with added emphasis on
the Catalog Id and Donor
A clean bordered style
Silent Auction Forms - Simple Silent Auction Forms - Formal Silent Auction Bid Sheet Example

Silent auction forms - capturing the Bid Information

The attendees record their by putting their name and contact details next to the amount they bid. For more formal events where attendees pre-register, attendees may optionally be able to use paddle numbers, this way attendees can bid as groups or individually and allows the bidders to stay anonymous if they want. Another option to consider is the number of bid slots provided for against each item, you need to have the lowest low enough to attract bidders, and then enough slots that the bidding can go over the actual value of the item. The following sheets are the same Auction Item with different bid layouts.

Bid Sheet (Click to Enlarge) Bid Sheet with Paddle Column
(Click to Enlarge)
Bid Sheet pre-filled(Click to Enlarge)
Bid Sheet with 14 bid rows Bid Sheet with Paddle Column Bid Sheet, prefilled bids
20 entry rows
Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates - 14 rows Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates 14 rows with paddle Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates 20 rows prefilled


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